Unemployment Benefits Applications Fall To 14-Year Low

As the unemployment rate decreases, we should be heartened by this, yet we need to keep in mind that our recovery could have come much sooner if we had had a congress that would have been less obstructionist and more concerned with helping the average American. Our President, the democrats and especially the Progressive Caucus, each had bills such as the Made in America bill with incentives designed to bring manufacturing back to employ Americans, but the Republican Party ignored those proposals. Despite all of the republican sabotage and I feel very comfortable using the word sabotage, because they themselves stated that they had no interest in doing anything that could make President Obama successful in his presidency, our economy is doing much better than the European Union and that is because we were lucky enough to have the democrats fight very hard against austerity policies, but that isn’t enough. We need to push for better wages now to give people back their economic power. However at the same time we have to figure out how to undo the ridiculous ruling that corporations have the same protections and rights as people. According to reports, McDonald’s and other big corporations are taking Seattle to court, suing that the new living wage law violates their rights under the 14th amendment, which historically was conceived to protect the rights of the newly freed slaves to insure that they were provided fair and living wages, not for the corporations to manipulate to their own greedy ends. We have so many obstacles that remain in our way to better employment numbers and stronger bargaining power, I am hoping that the court in Washington state doesn’t upend what the city council in Seattle worked so hard to accomplish. Corporations aren’t people.
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