Senate Candidates Actually Debate The Insidious Influence Of Money In Politic

On Facebook, I have seen a post saying that politicians should be forced to wear their supporter’s patches, the same way that NASCAR drivers and their cars display theirs, so that we know who works for whom, that post makes me laugh every time. Actually these debates and accusations are precisely what needs to be happening; get these transactions out into the public, because campaign donations are exactly financial transactions and when it is put that way, it sounds as if these politicians are being bought. How much do you really need to advertise? Our Supreme Court, really only the five conservative activist judges, really did our democracy the biggest disservice when they ruled in favor of unlimited money in politics. However I can’t lay all of the blame at their feet, we have had other Supreme Courts in the past, who opened the door and started giving corporations similar rights as people and I think that the trend lent itself to this Supreme Court’s horrendous interpretations of the laws and our constitution. I am optimistic about these discussions on the political stage because it is by talking about it that we can start moving seriously on the question.
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