Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pens Scathing Dissent On Texas Voter ID Law

Judge Ginsberg is sadly one of the three voices of reason in voter rights and many other rights. I am not against identification, but the identification should not be something that would be onerous for the person to obtain. Why would a conceal gun permit be accepted, but not a college id card? I would rather have voting be a duty and then, it would perhaps, be tackled in a more sensical manner. Honestly, if the Republican Party were very confident of their economic, political and social platforms, I don’t think that voter if would be an issue and that is why these measures seem so harsh and discriminatory in my mind. I think that since the Republican Party is cognizant that their policies don’t work for these great numbers of underserved and disenfranchised people, they aren’t willing to go about courting these voters honestly, they are, instead, trying to eliminate them from the voting booths. I don’t agree with their methods. Is it too much to ask for; to have a little bit of honesty in our political system?
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