Warren In Minnesota: ‘The Game Is Rigged’

Everything that affects us economically and politically are the results of choices made by us the voters, our elected officials and the powerful forces in the form of lobbyists. Unfortunately for us, the weight and force of choices aren’t all equal so how we choose may not be as determinant as the choices made by powerful and influential lobbyists and our elected officials. We the voters need to keep that in mind when we vote because that is our only weapon available to us to affect change when it comes to putting representatives in positions of power. Other than our vote we have the possibility of protest, but that is a tough choice to make because it makes for difficult consequences to the individual. I agree with Senator Warren because when you like at the balance sheet, the 1% and Wall Street’s side of the ledger is beautifully etched in black while Main Street is soaked in red ink and that isn’t because of the natural laws of economics. There aren’t any natural laws of economics; economics isn’t a natural science like physics or chemistry, it is a social science, man influenced and for all intents and purposes determined by man’s greed, indecision and government policy. What makes economics fragile to bad policy is the narrative given to it and that is where the Republican Party triumphed, they harnessed key phrases that sounded good, but in practice made sense for a tiny fraction of the population, the wealthy class. Frank Luntz is a master at word manipulation, some of his gems were “job creators”, “death panels” as two potent examples. What we the working people failed to seize upon is that we are the real job creators because without our demand there are no jobs. Tax cutting does not create jobs; tax cutting subtracts resources away from the economy and away from the public commons, the public good and public investment, all things that provide great things for everyone. Tax cutting only does one thing, putting more money in already wealthy pockets. These are choices made by powerful people, not because of any natural laws of economics because again there aren’t any natural laws in economics, just because math and formulas are used doesn’t make it a hard science, there aren’t any fool proof theorems that can predict human behavior or feelings. Senator Warren is correct when she says the game is rigged because economics is more a game than anything else and it definitely produces winners and losers. I just wish that we had more winners.
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