Here’s Another Indication Senate Control Won’t Be Decided In November

If democratic voters don’t understand by now that the only way to keep the senate in democratic hands is to physically go out and vote, then no amount of fundraising or writing or petition signing will do any good, if voters simply stay at home and refuse to do the one thing that makes their voice count; vote. We can only complain if we take the time to vote for our choice of representative and then he or she does not do what we would like them to do on our behalf. If someone opts not to exercise their right to vote, it is then on them if the system doesn’t reflect their will. Every election is important, be it a Presidential election, a state senate race or even a local community board, it is one of the most important ways that you can contribute to the shaping of your own community. I know why I am going to vote come November: I want to elect representatives that will fight for public and private sector unions, that will fight for less testing in our schools and more teaching, better environmental regulations, stronger financial regulations and more investment in our infrastructure. The worst thing that I know will happen if the senate passes into republican hands is that they will immediately turn our economy towards austerity policies and we will then be headed towards an economic downturn much like Europe is facing as well as the states of Kansas, New Jersey and Wisconsin and I really don’t want to see that happen to us. We have suffered enough under national republican policies, I want to breathe easier under continued democratic leadership.
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