Contemplating a Republican Senate

If the Republican Party gains control of the senate, I think that we can say goodbye to Dodd-Frank, unless the President vetoes that, I wonder if President Obama would consider vetoing any damaging legislation as part of his legacy, sort of saving America from its more self-destructive self. The ideological thread that runs through the Republican Party may have had its birth in the early days of our Republic, but all of this talk about independence and pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps forgets that the pioneer spirit was largely financed by government largesse, giving away tracts of land for settlers to buil upon and create a life for themselves. I think that the whole notion that is the foundation of republican thinking is a romanticized vision of what it is to be an American and in this day and age, it doesn’t work for most. The economic premisses that work for the wealthy and the corporate classes do not work for your average American. Every economic proposal that the Republican Party puts forth is designed to sweep wealth distribution upwards and perhaps a little bit trickles down to the masses after the wealthy have fed off their share. The two biggest themes that hold the Republican Party together and makes up their platform are greed and fear. If you hear and listen to their messages, all that you will get is: “Why should my hard earned dollars go to?” “Why should I help that person?” or “How is the President making us safe?” “Who is going to protect our jobs?” These themes and ideological convictions would be setting the legislative agenda in yet another house of congress and can we really afford two more years of if not a legislative stalemate, then a war between the executive and the legislative branches over what vision gets to govern and shape our society? The house despite being under republican control hasn’t gotten anything done, you would think that the voters would not want to repeat that track record in the senate if they could help it. All that we can do is hope and keep our fingers crossed that the votes will deliver the senate back to the democrats.
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