Politicians Are No Scientists On Climate Change, But They’re Happy To Give Medical Opinions On Ebola

Marco Rubio and his fellow republicans may not be scientists, but they still need to respect science and they don’t, why? Because they are beholden to Big Oil, Big Coal and Big Natural Gas and their many, many dollars and that is just wrong. There once was a time when the Republican Party accepted science as a discipline, something to be respected and listened to; somehow that went away in exchange for tons of money and blind allegience to conservative Christian faith. However, not all faiths are anti-science and there are some Christian groups who are environmentalists and they believe that God charged them to be the stewards of our planet which I am totally on board with, I don’t believe in religion, but I do believe in our planet and “Mother Nature”. Our delicate and powerful ecosystem provides us with everything that we need, on the contrary, we don’t give our planet anything in return, our planet doesn’t require our existence to survive and there are times that I think that our planet and all of the other species would thrive if we weren’t part of the equation. So at some point we are going to have to elect people who will accept our responsibility to our planet and our environment and be proactive in drafting smart, nuanced policy that will hopefully turn us towards a more sustainable future with a renewed focus on smaller farms, diverse farming techniques and the end of mono-agriculture, we also need to embrace solar and wind power on a larger scale. There are so many exciting things on the alternative energy horizon, we should be taking advantage of these discoveries, if only for our continued comfort as a species.
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