Republican Governors Might Save The Democrats — NYMag

I think that the governor’s race is a better indication as to whether Keynesian economic policies work for people as opposed to the supply-side economic policies that Republican governors such as Sam Brownback have imposed. If we look at California versus Wisconsin or Kansas; we see that California is no longer heading towards doom and is, aside from horrendous drought conditions, thriving whereas both Wisconsin and Kansas are doing very poorly thanks to their republican economic agendas. What people need to think about when they are voting or if they need an extra reason as to why they should take the time out of their day to vote is the Mitch McConnell’s audio tape that was leaked recently; he was speaking at the Koch brothers retreat in August and he laid out specifically what the Republican Party would do when they got control of both houses. He was speaking to the issue of budgets and they were going to defund every major piece of legislation that was fought for by the democrats for the American people: the Dodd/Frank law, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, of course the Affordable Care Act, and the Environmental Protection Agency. All of these agencies and laws are good for our country and our people; yet the Republican Party is bound and determined to render these as toothless as possible, all for the good of either the Koch brothers or Big oil, Big coal and other Big industry. We the people matter in spite of these corporate interests and we together make this country work and prosper. We are the job creators and the producers, not those up at the top, they are actually the takers and the parasites feeding off all of our hard work and our resources. We need to get out and vote so that we remind these republican lawmakers that their allegiances should be to the people and not to corporate interests.
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