Elizabeth Warren Teams Up With Orrin Hatch To Push Huge Science Research Fund

This is precisely what the voters deserve, lawmakers working together for the common good regardless of party. Hats off to Orrin Hatch for embracing research and development funding despite the fact that it goes against the grain in his Tea Party dominated Republican Party’s ideological wheelhouse. I also applaud my senator Elizabeth Warren for doing what needs to be done to generate legislation that will affect the public weal for decades to come. The sequester has already done much damage to the NIH and the CDC and we would have had an Ebola vaccine by this time if we hadn’t had lawmakers so caught up in obstructionist politics, the Republican Party, to avert the sequestration of budgetary cuts. If only Warren and Hatch’s fine example of legislative leadership would rub off onto other lawmakers, we would be in better shape for the future. There are a myriad of problems that need solving and when lawmakers and their staff come together with the right attitude, much can be accomplished and there are no losers in that instance, there are only winners.
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