Struggling Governors Could Hurt GOP’s Senate Hopes

It isn’t surprising that a senator or representative’s reelection fate would be tied to his or her governor’s performance. A governorship is closely related to that of a presidency in terms of how their political ideological agenda hurts or helps their respective states. The constituents have a bird’s eye view of whether conservative economic policies are all that they are cracked up to be and in the case of Kansas, there is ample proof that they are not and woe to the republican senator who wants to continue running on that platform. I realize that democrats by and large have poor communication skills when compared to the clever bumper sticker slogans that the Republican Party habitually doles out, but I would argue that I would much rather vote for a party whose social agenda is much more inclusive and whose economic performance is much stronger. The democrats have empirical data on their side when it comes to stock market performance, job creation and up until corporate America really took over the reins with their lobbyists in D.C, wages had been on the uptick until the mid seventies. I wish that we on the left had the talent for finding those fall from your lips slogans such as “Right to Work” it sounds great and all about freedom, but all that it really means is that you would be willing to take any job, at any pay, just to be able to work and all of the power in the relationship is just given away to the employer. I am sorry, but after decades of intense fighting, unions had finally gotten a more level balance of power between the employer and the employee, to see all of their hard work broken apart by clever word games by the Republican Party and corporate America makes me so angry. Hard work is a noble thing or so we are told, but shouldn’t it be accompanied by dignity and possibilities? I see republican economic agendas doing the opposite, rather than offering their constituents opportunities and possibilities, they are content with driving their constituents down to the ground with their race to the bottom, all in the name of greater profit margins and investor dividends. I don’t want our people to have to live like that, do you?.
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