Chuck Schumer: Supreme Court Will Thwart Democrats For Decades If We

I am more worried over what Rob Portman said about having a republican majority in the senate and forcing the President to the table in the hopes of solving the great problems of our time. That is code for many things, but just off the top of my head, I can name Social Security and Medicare as two items that republicans like Paul Ryan are itching to “reform”. Schumer made a valid point about the nomination process in a republican dominated congress, but hopefully the status quo within the Supreme Court makeup will stay steady until after 2016. In the here and now, I cannot think that two more years of an economy being influenced by republican policy either directly or indirectly will do any of us any good. I am sure and certain that our environment will be suffering if the republicans take the senate and keep the house; moreover undocumented immigrants and women will being taking a hit under a variety on measures. I realize that the economic recovery hasn’t been felt for many of us despite the fact that private sector job creation has been steady for several years; unfortunately we haven’t seen any wage increases to go hand in hand with the incoming jobs available to workers; that I feel very comfortable laying at the feet of harmful republican economic messaging and commensurate economic policy. I know that ideology plays a part in determining your choice in who you send to represent you, but still when you look around and see what the republican ideology does for the average person, you have to ask yourself why would anyone who is not wealthy ever vote for them? I am hoping that November proves the pessimists wrong and we retain the senate. The thought of two years of republican control of congress is too depressing to continue to write about; please get out and vote democrats!
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