2016 Hopefuls Catch Ebola Flak | TheHill

The sharp contrast between our President hugging the Texas nurse upon her recovery from the Ebola virus and these two governors who, instead of listening to our medical experts, fed the fire of fear and ignorance, is quite illuminating. It reminds me that I would always prefer a cooler head in the White House over some emotional mess such as Chris Christie. It is obvious that we as a nation are far better equipped with handling the few cases of Ebola that have arrived within our borders and adding to the hysteria is an act of tremendous irresponsibility. Both Cuomo and Christie should be ashamed of themselves for not heeding the experts who really understand the threats and protocol that infectious diseases pose and also require. What they did is a poor example of leadership under crisis and it should be a lesson to all other governors as to what not to do in an infectious disease crisis. This whole Ebola situation should be a lesson to us all on several fronts; first our news media needs to stop over sensationalizing these serious infectious disease news stories, second our lawmakers must stop cutting off funding to our research and development departments and to our medical research agencies. Our priorities must be shifted away from aiding and abetting corporate America and the wealthy in their siphoning off all of our combined resources solely for their benefit and we must reclaim our national endowment of the public good in all of its capacities. We don’t want to be ill equipped to deal with future emergencies and if we don’t stop redistributing our tax base upwards, we will be caught unprepared to handle anything huge.
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