The Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations Is Officially Here

Bibi Netanyahu isn’t playing politics, I believe that he is governing his actual values and ideals and doesn’t want to pursue any deal whatsoever with the Palestinians. I think that he doesn’t even see them as a people, he sees them as a threat and that’s it. His fixation with Iran’s nuclear program is what drives his foreign policy, because other than his aggressive speeches at the United Nations, he doesn’t seem to have any other foreign policy goals. His determination to erase Palestinian traces within Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank are components to his domestic policy, how else to explain the condition within ehich the Palestinians are forced to live? I realize that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have both been abysmal leaders to their people, but still Netanyahu and his policies haven’t done anything to advance any progress to the untenable situation within the region. Imagine if the Israel/Palestine conflict had been resolved once and for all back in 1967? I am not saying that everything would be roses and puppies, but there would have been one less obstacle to peace within the region. I realize that the original bone of contention was the West cavalier attitude during the early 20th century of parceling out lands and painting border lines where none had existed created a lot of the tension in the region along with the exploitation of the region’s resources, but if Israel and the Palestinians could have accepted 1967 borders then I think that relationships could have been forged over time. I do feel that Israel has been egregious with their settlement building in the occupied territories and the latest development in Jerusalem is a direct slap to any future possible peace settlement. I hope that the Israelis vote him out one of these days and choose someone with a greater vision of peace, acceptance and humanity.
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