Liberal Lurch: Both Parties Find Progressive Jesus In Dying Moments Of Campaign

My first reaction was that, in a perfect world, both parties are doing what they should be, which is reaching out to their respective constituents with assurances that they will be legislating on their behalf and using progressive ideas to govern with in order to create proactive economic and political policies. My second reaction was anger because this isn’t a perfect world and what the panicked republican lawmakers are now doing is shameful because if past performance is any indication of future behavior then we know that these campaign promises are nothing but lies to get elected or reelected. It is only when republican lawmakers are running scared that they turn away from their tried and true fear and prejudicial campaign tactics and shift to traditional democratic territory which are the progressive and liberal ideals. Social Security expansion, Medicare and Medicaid expansion, pro-choice and environmental regulations have always been at the core of the democratic party so of course democrats run on those programs, but for the Republican Party to take these up at the last minute is so very disingenuous, you would think that the voters would be more savvy then to fall for those lies. We have only a short time before we learn whether or not the republicans will be successful with their deception, I hope that voters everywhere will not be fooled by shameful pandering and will vote for the party that traditionally stands for progressive values all of the time, not solely when it is expedient for the lawmaker and his career.
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