Alison Lundergan Grimes May Have Found Mitch McConnell’s Weak Spot

The perceptions about our President are so weird; I disagee with many of his foreign policy decisions such as the drones, going after whistle blowers and codifying many of the Bush/Cheny directives that made our civil liberties more fragile; however when it comes to the economy, healthcare and the environment, our President has done quite a lot but this dichotomy doesn’t adequately explain our President’s unfavorable poll numbers. I may disagree with some of his policy decisions, but I realize that his decisions aren’t his alone, he does not operate in a vacuum. Our legislators hold a lot of responsibility in creating an environment that can either lend itself to effective governance or not. I believe that Grimes in her campaign against McConnell should be owning the policies that our President and our party have successfully passed and are helping people in their day to day life. Our economy still needs help in terms of wage increases because average workers purchasing power remains flat, but that is something that needs to be fought over in congress and in corporate America. Our President has already taken that cause up on behalf of the American people during his State of the Union speeches, his campaign speeches and his meetings with corporate America. Grimes needs to be courageous and spell out her goals for her constituents proactively while at the same time using McConnell’s long record of corporate representation against him. How can you like policy results but hate the person who champions them and vote against that person despite the fact that his or her opponent is bent on repealing those policies that work for you? That is the conundrum that is the republican voter.
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