The War on Teacher Tenure

I am a strong advocate for public education. I am not a teacher; I had an the honor of working with wonderful teachers for seven years every day as French “teacher” to the little ones. My job was easy, but I got to see first hand how dedicated and commited these teachers were to their students. There are quite a few issues aside from tenure that also need to be addressed; funding public schools through property taxes, over-reliance on standardized testing, sharing public funds with charter schools, that isn’t right because charter schools don’t have the same standards as our public schools are required to uphold. If we can ever divorce property taxes from public school funding and instead make it a statewide investment that would lessen the stark inequalities in infrastructure and resources between communities that could have a wide impact even beyond the physical facilities. I would also stop with standardized testing; it is a lazy and ineffectual method of teaching and evaluating students; the only thing that it does is lines the pockets of corporations who provide the testing and teaching materials. We need to stop sabotaging our teachers, we need to support them and give them the respect that they deserve. Teachers are doing one of the most important jobs that there is in the country; inspiring the future of our country. They shouldn’t be treated as indentured servants at best or glorified baby-sitters at the worst.
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