Here’s What A GOP Senate Takeover Could Mean For Obamacare

If the mainstream news media were truly fair and balanced them, they would have reported on the speech that McConnell gave at the Koch brothers retreat about how he would take away, along with his republican colleagues, the many benefits that The Affodable Care Act has given to the less fortunate amongst us and how they would roll back the E.P.A, push for more “freedoms” targeted towards corporations and unless you follow progressive publications, you wouldn’t be apprised of what McConnell and his gang are truly up to with regard to your economic, political and social well-being. I realize that republican voters believe that our government is too intrusive, I don’t understand where they get that idea from, but it is what they believe so McConnell plays into their fears and doubts by championing for freedom for the “job creators” which in fact only benefits the wealthy and the corporations into keeping their profits in their bank accounts. They also mislead the public by calling the Affordable Care Act a huge government intrusion, but in reality it forces more competition into the marketplace by expanding consumer participation and the healthcare insurance companies no longer have the right to exclude consumers because of pre-existing conditions. McConnell also wants to give corporations some more giveaways in the form of more deregulation in both the environmental arena and the finance industry, these may be benefits to corporate America, but for us the, American people, these are measures that will expose us to more uncertainty and more economic insecurity. We need voters to get out there and cast their ballots. We also need better democratic candidates, candidates who aren’t bogged down in fear. Democratic candidates need to own their platforms and their policies pure and simple.
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