What My Book Got Wrong About Obama, Summers, Geithner, Recovery | New Republic

It is so easy to criticize and rail against a President while he is dealing with huge issues, surrounded by very hostile lawmakers, while you sit in your very comfortable seat, picking apart at every decision, while coming up with your play by play analysis, that here in real world you are benefitting from hind sight and also none of the risk or accountability ever falls to you. I do however, find it interesting and refreshing that both Noam Scheiber and Paul Krugman have retreated away from their previous positions and now acknowledge that they had been way too harsh with our President and that their Monday morning quarter backing was a little unfair. However their relentless critiques of these past six years has not helped the electorate any, it has probably added fuel to the republican fire and made mid term elections even more difficult. What needs to be put out there in Big Letters is that the Republican Party does not have any economic strategies for the working person aside from pushing for Right to Work laws, standing in the way of paid sick days, fighting against living wages and fighting against discrimination protections. If you want to proceed in an economic environment that is all about the employer then the Republican Party is the party for you, however if you believe that employees deserve more representation and a greater show of strength in the balance of power between themselves and the employer, then you need to vote for the democrats. I know that the Republican Party is very adept at couching their rhetoric in friendly terms, but those are only ruses designed to appeal to their base for their votes, they are not said in honesty. We have the legislation to prove it, the obstructive tactics to prove it and the redistribution of wealth towards the wealthy and the corporations that prove it what else do we have to do in order to convince every working person that the Republican Party is not your friend.
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