Jon Stewart Perfectly Sums Up The GOP’s Closing Arguments

John Oliver, just this past Sunday, focused on the State Senate elections and his biggest surprise was the number of candidates running unopposed, that was an eye-opener. If that isn’t bad enough, these candidates running unopposed also govern the way they might have campaigned if they had had an opponent. Jon Stewart usually sums it up, as he did here, very well. The Republican Party campaign and legislate only through fear and greed: fear that the other is out to get you and when the other has gotten you than the other will take whatever you have. These are not traits that make us strong or bring out the best that we have to offer. There is so much more to the human condition than only fear and greed and we have within ourselves to make our society a better place. If we look around, many of the themes that dominate our discussions: prison overpopulation, student debt, the housing crisis, childhood hunger and environmental disasters, we can trace all of these back to republican policies, most of them thanks to Ronald Reagan. We are now 30 years out from the Reagan years and it is time that we shirk off his suffocating mantle of an ill-conceived legacy and implement strong progressive policies instead. That starts with getting out and voting and also getting out and running more candidates. Unapposed elections are bad for democracy and bad for us. Giving in to fear is bad for us and bad for democracy because as it was said in Dune “fear is the mindkiller”. All that we need to do is take a page from F.D.R or Teddy Roosevelt, either of these two giants in history has a lesson for us all.
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