Democrats Get Trampled On Election Night

I can only speak to my feelings about the results of this election and I am so disappointed, not only with the results in my state of Massachusetts, but nationwide. Massachusetts voted for a republican as Governor, Mister Baker, instead of its Attorney General Martha Coakley. Martha Coakley wasn’t my choice during the primary earlier this voting season, I had voted for Don Berwick and I was very disappointed that he didn’t garner the winning votes. However I voted for Martha yesterday even though my heart wasn’t quite in it, Martha Coakley didn’t run an inspiring campaign at all and she didn’t prove herself very well during their one debate. It felt as if she was taking her victory for granted and you would think that she would have learned her lesson the last time that she had tried to run for something, she lost her bid for the senate seat against Scott Brown, who lost last night against Jeanne Shaheen, hooray! I believe that the reasons as to why the democrats lost so pitifully yesterday is because they did not run a campaign that spoke to the American people at all. One of the only democratic senators who really knows how to connect with her people is Elizabeth Warren. She not only knows how to speak to the people, she really believes in her message and the people feel that sincerity. Voters when they were able to, voted for ballot measures that raised wages and other measures that would help balance the odds in their favor economically, they also voted for decriminalization of marijuana, another platform that the democratic lawmakers have failed to do much against, the prison industrial complex. We now have two years of a true Republican Party force in congress and I am not looking forward to the direction that they will work very hard to force us towards especially in terms of the environment, the finance industry and I especially worry for the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. How can we fix our state of affairs when we throw wrenches into the process?
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