What Democrats Can Learn From Their Election Night Red Wedding

I would offer to all democratic candidates this advice, be proud and be courageous about your convictions. If we look at the big picture, not just the seats won or lost, but also the issues, the electorate responded very favorably to progressive ideals, just not to the men and women running for the seats. How else to explain voters saying yes to raising the minimum wage and still voting for a tea party republican who doesn’t even believe in the idea of a minimum wage. The dichotomy is pretty much out there and begs to be explored for lessons for future elections. I deeply believe that if many of the democratic candidates had shown their prospective or current constituents their courage and their conviction for their democratic ideals and platform, the election may have gobe a little differently. If you don’t show your audience that you know what you want to do and what you will fight for how can you expect people to follow you? You don’t see these tea party republicans waffling or being conciliatory; they forge right ahead full of confidence and determination. Our democratic lawmakers need to communicate this type of fervor and conviction to the people, how else do they expect to instill confidence in the people? People want their leaders to at least portray confidence, not arrogance, but confidence in their postions. So democrats everywhere take heart, our postions are popular and what we need to work on is the candidate’s ability to communicate and connect with their constituents. Own your ideas and be proud of your policies and your vision, it isn’t that hard to do, take a page from the Republican Party and flip it to the positive, instead of fear and greed, we stress opportunities, compassion and fairness. These ideals work for society and its people.
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