Why Mitch McConnell Plans To Troll Elizabeth Warren

Leave our Elizabeth Warren alone!! Isn’t the Republican Party satisfied with their triumphant outcome, can’t they leave us little people a few crumbs of hope to cling to like our Elizabeth Warren? Actually if the Republican Party is bound and determined to start dismantling Dodd-Frank and more importantly reducing the efficacy and power of the Consumer FInancial Protection Agency, which has done quite a bit of good for the common man, perhaps it will backfire on them and turn things around in the progressive’s favor. When the Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine both state that our President is one of the best President’s in terms of economic achievement, that is saying a lot. If the Republican Party by going after Elizabeth Warren and her finacial regulatory agenda to keep the banks and Wall Street on the up and up for the safety of our economy in general, upends everything that has been done, then the Republican Party may just be interfering in ways that are harmful and the voters hopefully may finally come to realize that historical data does not exist in a vacuum. There are several reasons why democratic President preside over stronger and healthier economies, their policies are more conducive to stability and productivity than their republican counterparts. Progressive economic policies call for more investment in our common which is vital for commerce and economic growth, financial regulations tend to keep risk and reward in better balance and labor isn’t devalued as much thus injecting more consumer liquidity into the marketplace. Mitch McConnell has only one agenda and that is for the 1% and greater wealth redistribution upwards, outside of that he doesn’t seem to have any greater vision for the larger picture or for the future. McConnell and Boehner both are going to preside over a congress that only sees fossil fuel as our energy source, science as a waste of time, environmentalism and conservationism are both dead in the water and our social safety nets and insurance programs will be at great risk. That is what America elected to power on Tuesday. It doesn’t seem very hopeful for us progressives for the next two years.
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