GOP-Obama Compromise Would Mean A Scary Win For Big Business | The Fiscal Times

What I find most reprehensible about the TPP and the its European version is its extreme secrecy and wherever there is secrecy there are bad things attached to whatever it is; be it a credit card agreements, military engagements or Koch brothers infamous retreats. It is never in the nation’s best interests to allow corporations to circumvent a nation’s own democratically voted and passed laws in its people’s best interests. If our governments cannot protect its own citizens from profit hoarding corporations than what use is it? There is a horrific example of what gross misuse of power can do to a country in the case of Brazil versus a hedge fund in a New York court. A judge outside of a sovereign nation has the power to determine Brazil’s fiscal health, in what universe is that okay? All because a hedge fund wants its pound of flesh at the expense of a nation’s people. That to me is fundamentally wrong and with the TPP and the European version that can be what happens to us; corporations may be able to skirt the laws democratically passed, so where does that leave our already frail democracy? A corporation able to sue a government because laws designed to safeguard its citizens interferes with its profit making desires is just over the top and beyond the bounds of any decency. Wholesale greed will be our undoing and we have got to get it under control.
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