Senate GOP Steeling For Battle Against EPA

The Republican Party never tires of lecturing us on fiscal responsibility and the costs that we are passing down to our children and their children, but what of the environmental costs? You cannot breathe money, you cannot eat or drink money. Moreover regulations have proven to have a side benefit of being job creators in the end because it leads to innovation and new ideas. Fossil fuel has to go the way of the dinosaur and if the Republican Party were actually the party that wants to govern and wants to be business savvy, then it would shed its anti-science and anti-innovation blinders and accept that solar and wind technologies are here to stay. The Netherlands are installing solar panel roadways; the green technology industry is booming, we could be manufacturing things right here, right now if the Republican Party weren’t so beholden to Koch industries and Big Oil, Big Coal and Natural Gas. I am sick of their quasi-libertarian, laissez-faire capitalistic ideology, there is no financial reward that can justify making us, the people, and our nation sick with toxins in our air, our water and our soil. Nixon had his faults, but at least he left a legacy of environmental activism that mitigated his many mistakes. I wonder how he would feel if he knew that his own party was deliberately undermining his great achievements. I am sure that Teddy Roosevelt would be apoplectic with all of this lunacy, he would be leading the charge against them himself. Thank goodness we still have over 40 democrats in the senate; it’s time to dust off the filibuster and bring it to the floor.
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