Progressive Dems: Obama Should Push Economic Executive Actions After Midterm Losses

Stephanie Cutter said on Sunday on Meet The Press that the Democrats needed to come together and reassess their positions and I only agree with her statement in a very narrow sense; the democrats have to reassess their communication skills and their marketing strategy; to be more precise about marketing, they don’t have to sell their ideas with gimmicky slogans, the only thing that they have to do is show some backbone and own their policies with pride and confidence. The democrats have for too long second-guessed themselves and let the Republican Party write the narrative which the Republican Party is always gungho to do without question. It is high time that the democrats grab the bull by the horns and stand by their platform, their policy proposals and their President. You can criticize your own party leader as much as you want, but you still show loyalty and pride when you are speaking to your constituents, you don’t throw him under the bus alongside your opponents, the message that you send is one of cowardice and insecurity and who wants to vote for that? I hope that the President takes a page out of the F.D.R or T.R playbooks and uses his remaining tools to get some progressive and democratic policies into play on items such as immigration and employment with good wages and worker’s rights. The time to be conciliatory and accommodating is done, we need our President and our democratic congress people to lead and shape our polices.
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