U.S., China Unveil Ambitious Climate Change Goals

This announcement could not be more fortuitous given the recent election. At least with China on board, it has severely weakened the Republican Party’s justification for maintaining the status quo when it comes to environmental policies. However, knowing the Republican Party as I am sure that we all do by now, they will immediately regroup and start focusing their objections to strong environmental policy because India didn’t sign up as well. I have read recently that Prime Minister Abbott of Australia has not let China’s recent committment to renewable energy alter his plans for a coal shipping facility next to the Great Barrier Reef, he is going full speed ahead because India is now his new partner in the endeavor. So we may have found a strong new ally, but our neighbor up above and Australia down under have gone by the Republican wayside and are bound and determined to condemn our planet to the devastiating effects of climate change and full scale pollution. Aside from climate change, why can’t we just agree that having clean air, clean water and clean soil is a worthy cause in and of itself? Why can’t we get past the very limiting nature of money and greed? We have riches beyond belief in the natural world in the form of necessary and life sustaining elements and we are systematically degrading them in ways that only hurt us in the long run. It doesn’t have to be like this. Why can’t we evolve beyond the two most negative features of the human experience; fear and greed? If we could eradicate these two very human defects, we would go where we have only imagined in literature or science-fiction. Fear only leads to war and violence and greed only leads to exploitation and violence. We need to grow up as a species and end this pointless cycle for the sake of our planet and ourselves.
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