FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Tells Silicon Valley He’s Open To Obama Net Neutrality Plan

The Internet should be a public open space pure and simple. I am so glad that President Obama came out in favor of Net Neutrality and classifying the Internet as a public utility. Wheeler may have been an executive in the Cable Industry, but now that he is working in the capacity of public servant, he needs to put those ties to private industry aside and do what is best for us and our nation as a whole. The very act of putting “toll lanes” within the Internet just creates an atmosphere of exclusivity that has no business of being there in the first place. I believe that it was Ted Cruz that called Net Neutrality the Obamcare of the Internet. That statement in and of itself should make Net Neutrality a mandatory ruling because the Republican Party should be penalized for having someone like Ted Cruz as a member and speaking on their behalf. When we have something as wondrous as the Internet with all of its implications, possibilities, opportunities and potential; there should not be any thought of narrowing the options or limiting the access. That would be simply wrong, there should be one area that being wealthy or powerful doesn’t matter, or the very least, not as much as it does in all the other arenas.
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