Charles Krauthammer Calls Potential Obama Immigration Action ‘An Impeachable Offense’

I think that after former President Clinton’s experience with impeachment, many in the United States were soured to both the word impeachment and the threat of impeachment. I am not defending what Clinton did, but how the Republican Party went after Clinton and the time and resources wasted to achieve little to nothing afterwards has left the people, I think, disillusioned with the impeachment process and the principles behind it. We have to get our act together when it comes to immigration and our President is using his executive action privilege as a stick to force congress to take some real legislative action on the issue. It has been years in the waiting and there have been excuses galore offered up as to why it can’t be passed, so something has got to give and I think that our President is flexing some muscle to force the give into becoming a given. I think that the entire laundry list of reasons that the republicans offer as to why they don’t want immigration bills passed all boil down to fear and prejudice. They are scared that immigrants will vote democrat and displace the white population into minority status; not very good reasons to fail in delivering on much needed legislation. The Republican Party is being disingenuous when they accuse President Obama of hijacking the legislative process; he is simply responding to their lack of meeting their legislative responsibilities and he is trying to respond to the call for action. People’s economic and social lives are in the balance here and someone needs to act. All this talk of impeachment is hardly appropriate within the context of this immigration issue. If everyone had done their job in congress, we wouldn’t be having this discussion or worse, be at this impasse.
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