Obama Boldly Pushes Agenda Forward After Election Losses, Sparking GOP Outrage

On Daily Kos, I read an article speaking to the fact that Ted Cruz’s facebook page was bombarded by comments blasting his criticisms of our President’s stance on Net Neutrality and these commentators were all fellow republicans forcefully telling Ted Cruz to keep his ignorant views to himself and leave the Internet alone. So there you see that ordinary Americans are in agreement with our President and not Ted Cruz, who is on the side of Corporate America; likewise with McConnell, he who lives in Big Coal’s pockets. Our President is acting in our best interests and our planet’s when he signed the climate agreement with China and pledged monies to the Global Climate fund. I am quite put out with the congressional democrats who are going to put the Keystone Pipeline to a vote, what are they thinking, only to keep Landieu in office? Some things are more important than just keeping a person in their seat by putting our environment at risk. The Keystone Pipeline has no business being run through our country, pumping and spewing tar sands oil to pollute our world even further, not to mention the potential leaks that will pollute our soil in the Midwest. What are these demorats planning as their end game? I don’t see any logic to their strategy whatsoever. The question about immigration is simple; our President has been patient for years and the congress keeps stalling and not doing their share of the work of government, so our President has decided to use his discretion to make things happen using his powers of office. He has precedent on his side so let the Republican Party gnash their teeth; I am happy that our President is willing to go the extra mile to do what needs to be done.
read the article:


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