Bill Clinton’s Out of Touch Economically — and That’s a Big Deal

I remember voting for former President Clinton; I was responding to his call for universal health care coverage and an end to our outrageous military expenditures. I was also categorically rejecting the Republican Party because after twelve long years of their leadership, I wanted democrats back at the helm. I had graduated from N.Y.U in 1989, married in 1990 and a mother in 1991 and I was looking forward to the promises made by former President Clinton. Little did I know nor did I pay much attention to his underlying strategy that was masked by his easygoing persona and charismatic rhetorical flourishes. I hadn’t any idea that his deal made with Gingrich over Welfare Reform would turn the program on its head and it would be turned into a failure a decade later. Moreover I would have never thought that a democrat would be the one to completely deregulate the financial industry nor be on of the actors that took a hatchet to the strength of our unions. Reagan launched the first salvo, but Clinton made it possible to further weaken the unions by making it possible to ship jobs and manufacturing facillities overseas. If you look around at the democrats who survived the midterm elections, they are the ones who didn’t ask any of the Clintons to campaign for them; rather they ran populist campaigns and were vocal about the policies that they voted for without being apologetic. The Clintons are extraordinarily successful and intelligent and I don’t begrudge them that, but what they fail to understand, despite their intelligence is that the economic policies for the wealthy do absolutely nothing for the average man. They are clueless to this reality.The Clinton presidency did teach me that a President’s economic advisors are tremendously important and they should not be from Wall Street. That is where our President made his biggest mistake, drafting Tim Geithner and Larry Summers, Jack Lew and other industry friendly appointees. I learned my lesson and that is why I am hoping that Senator Warren throws her hat in the ring and if not, I am going to be standing with Bernie Sanders at the democratic primaries.
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  1. I haven’t read the Huffington Post article yet, but I certainly agree with what you say in your post. I am older than you, likely that doesn’t make me wiser, but I will say that my first election was in 1968 and I was so disaffected that I foolishly didn’t vote at all. We got Nixon. I think it was then that I realized that you rarely get everything you want in a candidate. I was and am disappointed with the Clintons for the same reasons you are, but in the context of then, deals were made that may have seemed like a good idea at the time to Clinton. I am with you on Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, in fact that’s a ticket I totally support, no matter which one runs as President. But Bernie Sanders has said that if it doesn’t look like he’d get the nomination, he wouldn’t pull a Nader, he’d throw his support to the Democrats, likely because no matter what, a Democrat is better than a Republican in the world as we know it. I have come to the point where I am grateful that there IS a lesser of the evils–and there is. Given a choice between Hillary and any Republican I can think of, hands down, Hillary gets my vote.

    1. You are so eloquent and my head was nodding with every word that you wrote. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Laurie, we do seem to agree on most things. I enjoy your blog a lot.

    1. That means a lot thank you so much. 🙂

  3. I just read the article and it’s really good! I don’t know how many of his ideas are realistic in terms of the current political climate, but i agree with you, they are the kind of ideas would help the middle class and the economy. Republicans would never support any of them, of that I’m certain. I don’t know if Hillary would, almost all of them would jeopardize her business connections, and they are real. (I supported Obama against Hillary.) Maybe piecemeal she could support some of them: improve infrastructure might be safe? Raise the minimum wage? I think most businesses see that one coming and it will create a bigger demand for goods. Lift the cap on social security taxes? That’s long overdue. But reinstating Glass-Steagall, which should happen now? Strengthen unions? Neither is likely. Bernie Sanders wants to run to push Hillary to the left. If he did, could she win? One thing is certain, you and I will be watching. Thanks so much for posting the article.

    1. I follow R.J Eskow, he used to work on Wall Street until he got sick of the greed and the manipulations. He is a progressive and he has many great ideas that he writes about in Future for America and other publications. I can only hope that Hillary isn’t the only option because the democratic party needs to stop falling under the misguided belief that they need to court Wall Street to win. Jerry Brown wouldn’t be a bad addition to the party that is coming in 2016, we need different perspectives to enhance the national discussion.

      1. I think I’m now following Eskow, I’m never sure I’ve done things correctly on the internet, but fingers crossed. I looked back at some of the past blogs and he’s got ideas I like. Thanks again. And good idea about Jerry Brown. I hadn’t thought of him. His success in California has been amazing. I can’t think of too many others that have the kind of clout it takes to mount a major presidential race, but then Obama was a complete surprise to most of us. Obama seems to be energized in a good way now that he’s a lame-duck backed by the only Democrats left in Congress, liberals. Maybe he’ll pave the way for some new ideas and people. Why he didn’t put Robert Reich in his cabinet and not Summers and Geitner I’ll never understand.

      2. I agree with you about Robert Reich, he unlike so many others, owns up to his mistakes such as NAFTA and speaks loudly about not only employment but quality of employment and increased wages. He also speaks about student debt and better health care coverage for all. Our President is on fire this week. 😀

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