These Democrats Could Be The Party’s Ticket To A Comeback

There is definitely a lot of talent and passion out there, but the number one lesson that every potential candidate needs to learn is to stand tall and proud about their values, their vision and their plans to lead. The losses that the democrats saw this election are primarily due to the fact that many of the candidates refused to stand by their convictions.The beyond the pale low voter turnout amongst young voters is an indictment to traditional Demoratic failsafe methods of campaigning; trying so hard to not alienate the elusive independent voter that they fail to inspire the young and even their already established base. I am hopeful that these newer and younger aspiring civic and political leaders will energize the voters in future elctions. We have to always remember that we the people vastly outnumber the billionaires and corporations and if we all turned out at the polls on election day, no matter what office is being determined, our political landscape might well be very different. Wait a second, I just forgot the ill effects of gerry mandering; but that points to the importance of statewide elections; another reminder that all elections are of major importance in our democracy. It can feel overwhelming at times, but hope is a powerful motivator and I refuse to give up on hope.
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