Republican Push To Promote Women Stumbles As White Guys Sweep Committee Chairs

After Nancy Pelosi’s decision to not make an exception to Tammy Duckworth’s request for a vote by proxy, you would think that the democrats would have been less inclined to throw stones from their glass house. However I do wish that the Republican Party would be more amenable to putting women into real positions of power such as giving them a few opportunities to lead commitees. Women do make up over half of the population and nowadays more women are the primary breadwinners, so those facts should be reflective in our congress. I must say that in the final analysis, I am more interested in policy than who is behind it. I would rather have a progressive man such as Sherrod Brown or Bernie Sanders than a staunch conservative such as Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin or Nikki Haley. I don’t understand women who believe that minimum wage isn’t something worth fighting for at the very least or that health care coverage is a privilege rather than a right. Though I must ackowledge that even if I do not agree with women who believe those things, I shouldn’t be one to exclude them from congress or accept that they do have a role to play in the debates and arguments that finally end up producing legislation. Taking this idea even further would be to have a more inclusive representation of our nation’s demographic; not only the question of how many women to men, but a diverse ethnic representation and a varied mixture of professions. We have too many attorneys in congress. We need farmers, engineers, teachers, firefighters, chemists, librarians, and bank tellers. The era of the millionaire congress person must come to an end. If we could pull that off we might be pleasantly surprised as to how creative and productive congressional sessions could turn out to be and what a treat that would be for our nation as a whole.
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