Obama Moves To Protect Millions From Deportation

From my point of view, our President’s actions are reasonable and make for good policy, given that our congress cannot get their act together to legislate on this issue because we have a small band of elected representatives that live their lives dominated by fear and prejudice and they keep throwing monkey wenches in the works. How many times do we need to be told that our immigration system is broken? These lawakers who are having apoplectic fits over our President’s decision to go it alone for the time being, while he waits for congress to do their job, should have done less complaining over the broken system and more working on solutions as to how to fix it within the chambers of government where they supposedly serve the American people. Why do immigrants bring up these over the top reactions from the Republican Party? I don’t understand it at all, we are a nation of immigrants and if we look to our history, we know that at every stage there have been dispicable outlashes against the newest crop of ethnic travelers and fast forward some decades, they are established citizens. You would think that with the benefit of hindsight we would evolve to the point that present and future immigrants would not have to bear such hatred and distrust, but for some reason we cannot get past that point of intolerance for the other. Isn’t it apparent that these immigrants do very important jobs in our country and play a vital role in our economy? They do the things that most of us do not want to do. If that isn’t obvious then I don’t know where you live because if you eat out in restaurants, shop for produce in supermarkets or do much of anything that requires cheap manual labor to make it function then you have come across an immigrant who needs common sense legislative action taken to our broken system and short of that the immigrant will be thanking our President for doing what he just did.
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