House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi Report Torches Conspiracy Theories

I hope that this will at last put the Benghazi tragedy to rest once and for all for most of the nation. I doubt that this will satisfy the tea party republicans, because nothing will ever satisfy them until the day that our President leaves office. I wish that the mainstream news media would report as to how much this exercise in overzerlous search and destroy mission for dirt cost us. The Republican Party likes to link their party to fiscal responsibility and how do they justify all this money spent on the umpteenth investigation that has provided nothing new? Moreover, the furor surrounding Benghazi for the most part is manufactured fury not over the tragedy itself, because if that were the case, where was their fury when similar tragedies happened during the Bush Administration several times? Can you imagine what could have been accomplished in congress during this time if the Republican Party were not hell bent in investigating anything and everything that might force a scandal within the Obama administration. Furthermore regarding our economic state of affairs: I realize that our issue with income inequality is very grave, our middle class is disappearing and is joining the ranks of the working poor while the wealthy are becoming ever wealtheir yet if you look at the numbers laid out the; Dow Jones at 17,000, the unemployment rate is 5.8%, interest rates are low, inflation is low and gas prices have fallen below 3.00. How much better could we have it in this nation if the opposition party actually gave a hoot and had tried to reach out across the aisle to make things even better for working class AMericans? Our republicans in congress got rewarded for things that they didn’t even do, what is wrong with this picture? How can the Republican Party feel good about themselves when they see how little they accomplish or if they feel that this is an end goal, then they have no business in public service because clearly they are not in D.C for the public good.
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