Obama Quietly Broadens Mission In Afghanistan

I don’t know what to think about all of these military matters; Afghanistan, drone strikes in both Pakistan and Yemen, airstrikes in Iraq and military advisors. When do we get to say enough already? When I look back at our history after World War II, there doesn’t appear to be a single period in time that we weren’t engaged somewhere. Whatever happened to the war to end all wars? When are we ever going to learn our lesson with war? I realize that I am asking a lot of questions, but have we learned anything from Korea, Vietnam, our military aid to Nicaragua, Columbia and other questionable governments and anywhere in the Middle East? Former President Eisenhowere warned us of our own Military Industrial Complex and his words were quickly ignored. I am sure that our President intends for our troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan during the last year of his presidency, but shouldn’t he be concerned with what follows afterwards? Shouldn’t he be laying down the framework for the future to not be destined to more military conflicts? I think that despite all of my questions, we do need a clear idea of what foreign policy means to us as a nation of laws and a nation of democratic prinicples. Since we have taken it upon ourselves to act as the world’s police force, it hasn’t served us or the world as we intended, at least that is how I see it. I hope that eventually one day, our response to the world and its problems won’t be colored by our 9/11 experience anymore. We need to move beyond that experience not only in terms of foreign policy but also domestically; we need to let go of the Patriot Act, the N.S.A and Homeland Security; we could take all of our resources dedicated to those agencies and instead apply them to education, infrastructure and our people.
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