Ted Cruz Wants To Fight Obama Over Immigration, But He Forgot About One Thing

The issue is simple, congress needs to do its job and our President will gladly roll back the executive action and sign a smart, fair comprehensive immigration bill into law. It isn’t as if our President is the first to issue an executive order regarding undocumented people; we have former presidents Reagan and Bush as examples if we need historical context. Senator Ted Cruz is being completely disingenuous over President Obama’s response to congress’ lack of movement on the legislative front; if Ted Cruz were really committed to the rule of law and the constitutional integrity of our democracy, he would be lighting a fire under his republican colleagues to do their jobs, not waste time going on national t.v, yelling about the various ways the Republican Party will make our President pay for trying to make our government work when that is what congress should also be doing, instead of plotting together to undermine President Obama. It is shameful when you look at the amount of work that has been left waiting for our congress to act upon and all they have to talk about is defunding areas of government, suing our President, repealing the Affordable Care Act and refusing to approve future nominees. If the Republican Party really wants to lead then they had better find a better spokesperson than Senator Cruz because he is clearly not interested in leading, he is interested in being as subversive as possible and we really don’t need any of that at this time.
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  1. That was the best! Lol. Such an idiot.

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