Obama To Introduce Sweeping New Controls On Ozone Emissions – NYTimes.com

Why is just the idea of having clean air, clean water and clean soil have to be such a battle? It is exhausting because it isn’t just a battle within congress, but also at the judicial branch because we have four conservative activist judges who are happy to do Big Businesses bidding. Thank goodness that our President is using executive action to give the E.P.A greater regulatory control over the quality of our environment because it has to be obvious to everyone that business cannot be held to self-regulation, it isn’t in their self-interest so therefore it isn’t going to be done. We can’t trust the Republican Party either because they have been busy writing and passing legislation that will deny scientists any type of serious feedback and role in the advisory and decision making process at the E,P,A. The Republican Party only wants to hear from industry “experts”, they do not want scientists to unfairly influence the E.P.A. How is that for a blatant industry takeover of the Environemental Protection Agency. It worries me to no end about what we are doing to our nation’s environmental resources and heritage. I have said it before but I will say it again. The Republican Party will harangue us indefinitely about our fiscal responsibility to our children and our children’s children, how irresponsible it is for us to leave them with debt. I counter their absurd arguments with the fact that debt is a perception, it is a contruct developed by man as is wealth, money is not part of the natural world and is not governed by laws of nature; you cannot eat it if you are hungry, you can’t drink it if you are thirsty and you can’t breathe it if you lack breathebale air, but if you decimate and degrade the environment than you are doing far worse to your children and your children’s children, you are condemning them to a dangerous future. So please stop with the petty materialism and greed and let us get together and be proactive about our planet and its environmental needs because this is the only one we have and our species needs it for our survival.
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