Tensions Flare Between Senate Democrats, White House

If Chuck Schumer would take a few minutes before criticizing and assigning blame elsewhere and look closely at who emerged victorious after the elections, he would see that those who didn’t retreat, those who didn’t give in to cowardice were the ones who won. Al Franken embraced what the Affordable Care Act was doing for his constituents, he embraced the progressive message and was rewarded for his courage and for his convictions. Chuck Schumer should perhaps re-examine his relationship with Wall Street, that is more damaging to the democratic party than anything that the White House has done in terms of the Affordable Care Act. I would further argue that until the day comes that both the senate and the house democrats sever their close ties with Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry, they will perhaps lose even more of the working class votes because when you are beset by bill collectors and you are insecure about your job, your food and your living situtaion it is easy to be overcome by fear and suspicion of the “other” and there is where the Republican Party excels, playing to those fears and insecurities. Chuck Schumer needs to stop passing blame around and start some introspection within the congressional democratic party and reach out to the people first and find out how best the lawmakers can answer to the people’s needs. That is what a good lawmaker does and the people will respond to that. It never looks statesmanlike when you blame everyone else, a true leader will acknowledge that responsibility is with them and then explain how they will reshape the dynamic, not throw everyone in front of them to take the lion’s share of the blame. The Democratic Party as a whole should look to their colleagues such as Al Franken, Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren to see how it is done with substance, courage and grace.
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