How Thanksgiving Is Dividing The Nation In Two

It is easy to wax philosophical and sit on the sidelines passing judgment, but when it is you, who are forced by economic necessity through machinations not of your own doing and policies delivered from on high out of your control, it is near impossible to not be caught in the consumerist maelstorm that is our present day economy. What we are witnessing is a byproduct of economic and political policies forty years in the making, it didn’t happen over night and while we may wax nostalgic for the good old days, it is going to be mindblowingly difficult to get us back to anything that won’t have Walmart like tendencies. Our manufacturing has been overseas for too long, our unions have been blamed and degraded to the point that their impact is negligable in the balance of power between the employer and the employee; couple that with the courts who typically side with Big Business and we have the landscape that we see before us; the tremendous divide between the Haves and the Have-nots and most of us don’t even want to be in the Haves category, I am fairly certain that most of us would simply ask not to have to constantly feel as if we just treading water. I am sure that most of us would simply be satisfied with job security, housing security , retirement security, educational security, food security and health care coverage security. Why are these basic needs too much to ask for? Why has it become so drastic a choice between the needs of the many competing with the unbridled desires of the few? The Koch brothers are the poster children of meglomaniacs who have unlimited wealth, which is being used in ways that should not be okay in any reality and yet here we are. We are caught in a vicious cycle of speeding towards greater inequaltiy in every sense of the word and the meaning and that is not the type of future that any rational person would want for their children. It is going to take a seismic shift in more than just politics, if we look to Thomas Pickety’s work, it will take a massive global trauma where the wealthy global elite lose their capital and their power and unfortunately we wouldn’t escape damage either. Outside of that doomsday scenario, I don’t know how else to upend the current reality because our grass roots protests, while doing quite a bit of good, seem too small to drastically reverse the course of economics. I am out of other ideas, all that I can do is not shop on Black Friday, not shop online, boycott Walmart and Amazon and support my local merchants. There is my personal solution in a nutshell.
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