Why The Supreme Court Should Be The Biggest Issue Of The 2016 Campaign

In my mind all of this conjecture over the future confuguration of the Supreme Court points back to the central fact that VOTES do matter. Why is the Supreme Court so vital to our democracy and our rights? They are the final arbiters of what is constituitonal and if they are nominated and confirmed, it is at the discretion of the elected officials that we have put into office. Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Justice Alito and John Roberts, four very conservative and I would argue activist judges have all been nominated by republican Presidents and confirmed through the strength of republican presence in Congress. If we hadn’t had twenty years of republican Presidents then most likely we wouldn’t have had the Citizens United ruling and the subsequent Hastings ruling, we also wouldn’t have had the Voting Rights Act considerably weakened and the Affordable Care Act would have emerged completely unscathed. However I would also like to emphasize that if our Congress would write better laws then the Supreme Court would not be prevailed upon as often. That issue goes back to my point that VOTES do matter. We on the left have to stop staying at home during primary season, mid-term elections and perhaps most importantly state elections. State elections are very important because of the gerry-mandering process and also it does gives you a voice within your own community directly. I don’t ever remember dreading a Supreme Court’s ruling as much as I did when the first ruling came down for the Affordable Care Act and now we have to wait again until next June for the second ruling, all because of how we voted several years ago. It makes you think of the importance of your voting decisions.
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