Congress Crams Unfinished Agenda Into Final Days

The pessimism that I felt while reading this article was already thick and as my eyes traveled down the page, it only got thicker. There may be one republican supporting tax credits for wind farms, but how likely is Senator Grassley going to win the day for wind power? In terms of our defense spending, I am always in support of funding personnel pay, benefits and pensions, but I would be the first to take a red pen to more weapons and armaments. However in light of the scientific developments that the navy has come up with to fuel their submarines and ships using sea water, I would be the first to suggest that we redirect our military towards fighting climate change instead of people. We are going to find that the increase in climate disaster refugees will be as great or even greater than political refugees and our military could be used in their research and developement capacity to do some real world good in this arena. I for one would feel great knowing that my tax dollars were being used for actual good instead of military destruction. This line of thinking kept me from being swallowed by the wave of pessimism that reading about congress getting things done threatened to do to me.
read the article:


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