Mitch McConnell Rider Could Roll Back Campaign Finance Laws

Campaign finances need to be transparent to the public. Mitch McConnell, in his attempt to attach this policy rider onto the Omnibus bill, clearly demonstrates that he knows that his rider is fundamentally wrong for our democracy, though it would be extremely helpful for his party to win future elections to further the economic causes that the wealthy and corporations in general support, such as deregulation of all kinds, lower tax rates and lower labor costs. What makes me so angry is that by the very nature of McConnell’s actions, it shows without a shadow of a doubt that McConnell isn’t above deception and sabotage of the democratic process; just in the very nature of attaching a rider, when everyone knows that for the most part, hardly anyone reads the full text of any document that exceeds a few pages, much less over ten pages. Bills should not have riders attached to them that are not germane to the initial bill in question; if that requires that congress spend more time on Capitol Hill then so be it. We have seen that as of these past two years they have not earned their keep in the slightest; their 174k a year complete with health care coverage, pensions and free parking have most definitely not been earned in my opinion. We need to demand that they stay put for longer then 10 days out of two months and to debate what is going on militarily in the Middle East, debate campaign finance laws, spending and budgetary plans and especially any potential jobs related ideas, that would be worthwhile to see and actually beneficial for the American people’s confidence in our government and our economy; to see our elected officials trying to do what they are mandated to do would be a shot in the arm for the rest of us; at least that is how I would interpret it at any rate.
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