Let’s Draft Fewer Wall Streeters Into Washington For A Change

I read somewhere that F.D.R tapped Joe Kennedy to head up the newly created S.E.C because he wanted one of the best “crooks” on Wall Street to create the agency specifically to ward off any future creative shenanigans and also he knew that Joe Kennedy was ready to enter the world of responsibility and respectability. So there is historical context for getting the best and the brightest from the inner sanctum to oversee the finance industry from the other side of the fence, but unfortunately through the passage of time, that smart choice has been gamed into a golden revolving door and now we must break the mold. It is in our national interest to stop relying on the wolves to patrol the hen house and instead go to academia, where experts, who aren’t in it for the money, can weigh in and perhaps do more than just safeguard our domestic economy, but may also steer us in a newer, more dynamic direction. I have noticed that those in power and on top, always want to maintain the status quo, but by virtue of nature and of life in general, it is nigh impossible for things to remain static. Our present day version of capitalism reminds me of the image of a snake turning on itself in its hunger by devouring its own head. We are quickly racing full speed to the bottom if you look at what our big banks, Wall Street and corporations are opting for; less competition, attempting to cut labor costs at whatever expense, absolving themselves of any tax revenue responsibility and compensating their executives and their shareholders at outrageous expense; this scenario is unsustainable and yet they at the top, pursue it with greater abandon. Somehow we need someone to throw the brakes on this runaway train and it has to be the President by nature of his appointments, he must find someone who will apply common sense and humanitarian principle to the economic agenda of these offices. It would make for better politics and better economics for everyone in the long run.
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