New York City Protests Eric Garner Decision

These large and peaceful demonstrations are hopefully generating much needed re-evalutation at One Police Plaza and at the Mayor’s office because there is so much rightful shock and anger at the breakdown of how a justice system should operate in sharp contrast to how it failed miserably with its mandate. I have heard throughout my adult life that indictments have such a low threshold that a ham sandwich could be indicted if the prosecutor wished it and yet yesterday when the facts are that chokeholds are illegal, the medical examiner ruled Eric Garner’s death a homicide and it was captured on film, the grand jury returns a decision not to indict? I am tempted to determine that justice in the same way as truth is arbitrary, subjective and defined by words and emotion. When we have words written into laws that assign perception a role in the actions, such as reasonable fear of danger or reasonable suspicion, that opens the door for a lot of misinterpretation and that is where justice and truth can lose their intended meanings. I believe that when we elected our President, the simmering racism that was always there underneath our facade of coexistence erupted because a significant number of white people woke up to an uncomfortable reality that African-Americans and other people of color, all colors, are making their place in all aspects of society and white America can no longer hold them off on the outskirts. They are going to scream and kick all the way down this new road for as long as they can and we are going to need a multitude of marches and sit-ins to get our governments both federal, state and local to get on board with equality under the law in all of its expressions. Actually there should be only one expression of equality and that is human because be it ethnicity, gender or color; as Toni Morrison said it, there are no races except for one, the human race and we should all be equal under the law and in terms of each other.
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