Senators Demand Obama Get Permission For War Against ISIS

I think that if Congress were to think beyond the election cycle and actually plan to govern and legislate they would be deep in talks about reclaiming their authority with war time matters. The Republican Party often argues Constitutional sanctity and authority yet they have let their duties as ascribed in the constitution be usurped by the executive branch in military matters. Congress in 1973 in a united front passed a veto proof War Powers Act putting an end to a long national state of emergency that we had been living under since 1933, 40 years of national emergency, giving each President the power to do what was necessary without having to consult congress. If and when congress chooses to do its job, it can do so, they are the only ones that stand in their own way. We have the historical data and context that proves this to be true. I want our congress to do its duty and its job, not only with questions relayed to military matters but also on the domestic economy, trade, the environment and everything else that concerns us, the people, who elect them to legislate and govern. We should demand more of them, they do not work long enough and they spend far too much time campaigning for funds as opposed to doing actual work. We need to get money out of politics, if we could do that, so many tainted dominoes would fall, it would be a breath of fresh air in our democracy.
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