Obamacare Impacts Primary Care Doctor Shortage

This article could have been titled a little better such as Obamacare shines light on a growing deficit of primary doctors in many regions of the nation or something of that nature. Our health care system is flawed in so many respects, but the primary cause is always the same; profit. Profit is at the center of our health care insurance coverage system, exorbitant medical costs, exorbitant medical school costs and therefore many more speciality doctors instead of primary care doctors. I am not saying that doctors should not make a good living, but there is a push towards opting out of general practice because you have huge student loans to repay and specialization tends to be so much more lucrative in that respect. The American Medical Association isn’t blameless in this whatsoever; they hold incredible lobbying power in D.C and they use it very wisely to keep their profession at the top of its earning potential. The Affordable Care Act is doing a lot of good for so many, it would be a shame if profit would be the thing to undermine the law despite how hard the Obama administration fought to bring this nation into as much of a universal health care coverage system as possible and change the notion that health care coverage is a right instead of a privilege.
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