Almost 100 School Shootings Have Occurred Since Newtown While Congress Has Done Nothing

I was speaking with my mother about the differences in what she had to worry about with regards to myself and my younger sister; I am 47 to put this into context, and what I worry about with my youngest still in college. I do not remember ever feeling the slightest worry about my safety in school at any age and neither does my mother; whereas I worry very much for my daughter’s safety at her college, not only in reference to boys, alcohol, and parties, but also guns since it was only a few weeks ago that there was a university shooting a few hours away from her campus. In the twenty five years since I have been in school what exactly has changed in our laws and our society? How did our schools become places that attract such irrational violence? I support stringent gun regulations and restrictions and I am very tired of hearing about the second amendment, it starts with the phrase “a well regulated militia” and since we have law enforcement and a national armed service corps, the need for armed citizens is outdated. Moreover the second amendment was written when guns were simple, I doubt that the founding fathers would have welcomed our present day guns for civilian use. I hate that I have to worry about my child’s safety with regards to being shot when she is at school which should be a safe place; what is wrong with us?
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