Architects Of CIA Torture Program Raked In $81 Million, Report Reveals

What kind of men are those two? This reads like one of those thriller conspiracy movies where the two villains travel the world for a secretive organization deploying their barbaric techniques with impunity. Isn’t it nice to know where our taxpayer dollars go to? Myself, I would have preferred that the 81 million dollars at the time go to proper protective gear for our soldiers and not those defective ones, instead of payment for psychotic torture methods and programs. When we announce to the world and to ourselves that we are the leaders of the Free World, the protectors of democracy and we are a nation under the rule of law; this type of egregious behavior should never happen. It diminishes us as a nation, as a symbol and as a standard bearer. All this was done in the name of revenge, fear and hatred. Actually what have all of our responses to the tragedy on 9/11 bring us? I would argue that our actions have hurt us even more; we still live under the Patriot Act, we are still at war, we still live under the umbrella of fear and suspicion, nothing has changed. However with this report perhaps this will be the impetus to change from within. The mindset that remains within the CIA, the State Department, the NSA, Homeland Security, the Pentagon, did I leave anyone out? This is what I am arguing about, how many different agencies do we need for security? Seriously, we have become a huge war machine and we have serious domestic issues that need to be addressed that have nothing to do with war and perhaps that is our problem. We are so well equipped to fight that we don’t know how to nurture our own citizens, we have forgotten how to come together in government to build and create something for the good of the people.
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