Democrats Revolt Against ‘Wall Street Giveaway’ In Deal To Prevent Government Shutdown

Perhaps if the Department of Justice had had the courage to criminally prosecute the Big Banks for their fraudulent mortgage practices instead of simply imposing fines without requiring any admission of wrongdoing then Wall Street lobbyists wouldn’t have as much oversized power to push their greedy provisions into appropriations bill. Moreover if our political system weren’t so poisoned by far and away too many dollars, then perhaps congress would be more reflective of the average American. However our judiciary is another can of worms, the Citizens United ruling can only be undone by congressional action and the type of action necessary will be Herculean to accomplish; for future generations I hope that the grassroots organizations who are bent on accomplishing this task are successful. There should not be any reason as to why a congress cannot move forward in a timely fashion to fund their own government at least in a sane world. You would think that with the straightforward evidence of financial irresponsibility that the banks demonstrated with regards to derivative swaps and trades, that congress would not even think to burden the American taxpayer with another potential bailout, but the very fact that certain congress people are indeed open to the idea and have inserted it into the funding bill should be a red flag of the highest importance; it took almost 70 years for the Glass-Steagall Act to be repealed after the Great Depression and not even 7 years later we have congress trying to repeal an important provision in Dodd-Frank which isn’t even half as strong a safeguard as Glass-Steagal was, it is maddening to watch from the sidelines.
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