AFL-CIO Targets Navient As Scrutiny Over Student Loan Servicing Mounts

Reading this article about for profit companies taking advantage of those who are trying to make their lives better through education and using our federal government as a means to their greedy ends forces me to question where does the ever present word that the conservative right loves to use “values” ever come in to the equation? I hear the phrase “American values” a lot when politicians and the Fox news pundits speak, but following that phrase the words “job creators” “freedom” and “bootstraps” always follow and they never translate into policies that accurately reflect what I normally associate those words with; the Big Banks and Wall Street always come out on top while the veterans, working class people and students always take a hit below the belt. What I would love to see happening when the word “values” is applied is a lot more investment in our youth in terms of education and trades training, infrastructure investment, research and development investment, basically investment in us the people and our nation. If the so called “job creators” that is the executives that run these huge companies were really the titans of business genius, then they wouldn’t be so reliant on our taxpayer dollars would they? They are sucking on our collective teat and we need to have it stop. We need to make these companies such as Sallie Mae accountable for their fraudulent practices against students and veterans and we need to bring back the era of affordable education for our future generations. We can only be as strong as our youngest are allowed to be and why handicap any young person with too much debt at the economically weakest point in their lives?
read the article:


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